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Redfoo's VW Bus Build Videos

In Spring 2019 we completed a fully electric solar powered VW Bus for Redfoo. Redfoo is a singer/songwriter/rapper/DJ formerly of the band LMFAO known for their songs “Im Sexy and I Know It!” and “Party Rock Anthem”. It was such a pleasure to build this bus for Redfoo, his girlfriend Jasmine and their three HUGE dogs! To watch the build from the beginning scroll to the bottom of this page. For more info click here.

Nearing the finish line with lots of details to take care of. In this video we continue work on the interior, headliner, installing lights, carpet, flooring, the kitchen, etc. We polish the aluminum top and bolt down the top panels

Continuing the conversion on the interior of the Redfoo VW Bus project. In this video the cabinets, sink, plumbing and convertible seat get finished. Subscribe to watch more of this build and follow us on all social media platforms!

In this video we are building the roof/awning solar array for the Redfoo VW Bus.

In this video we cut the roof off of the VW Bus to make room for the sleeping loft as well as installing the actuators and bed platform

We started on the kitchen cabinets for the interior of the conversion we’re doing for Redfoo. These will go into the 1971 VW Bus that we are converting from gas to a fully electric solar powered camper van! Subscribe to watch this vehicle come together!

Continuing on the solar electric conversion for Redfoo of his 1971 VW bus. In this video we complete the battery box and install the Tesla Model S batteries. We also installed the NetGain Hyper9HV electric motor!

We are excited to introduce our solar electric conversion for Redfoo! In this video we talk about the donor vehicle, go through the parts we’re using and what we’ve done so far. Be sure to subscribe since we will be capturing the build on film and sharing it with our subscribers!

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