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100% Electric Solar Powered Vehicles

All of our vehicle s are 100%, fully electric. They are charged using solar panel arrays mounted to the vehicle so you always have your charging station with you.  This creates a sustainable way to travel without the use of fossil fuels. Whether it’s a full electrical conversion such as the VW Bus or outfitting an already electric vehicle with solar charging capabilities Solarrolla is here to help you make a difference in the way you travel and live.

SolarRolla Scooter

Solar Scooters

Our solar powered electric scooters are great for getting around town, commuting, running errands or just for fun.

Redfoo Bus cutout on Transp

Solar Electric VW Buses

The VW Bus is a solar-powered, fully electric, conversion vehicle. It has a pop up tent space under the solar array and everything needed for your solar camping adventures.

SolarRolla E-Star

Solar Powered Electric RVs

These are fully electric, solar powered RV’s. They are tall enough to stand up in with a kitchen, bed and bathroom giving you a fully functioning off-grid home on wheels.

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