Solar Electric Scooter

The Solarrolla Electric Scooter

We love building electric vehicles and sharing our process with you to help inspire a healthier world. After building the Solar Electric VW Bus for our family we decided it would be nice to have a smaller, more compact vehicle for around town. So we built the Solarrolla Solar Electric Scooter. We built this scooter  fully custom out of aluminum; it has a 1,000 watt motor and a Lithium Ion battery pack. It has 3 wheels for added stability, a phone holder and charger and bluetooth speaker. This is the sweet chariot of electric scooters. The best part is that it charges off of the sun! We just park it in the sun when we arrive at our destination and let the sun do the work. 


Aluminum frame and box for storage, Diamond Plate standing platform, front suspension and a waterproof bluetooth speaker.


We can see how much power is coming in from our solar panel and what's in our battery bank. Complete with a phone holder where we can charge our device, listen to music or use our GPS.