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About Us

Solarrolla is a family-owned business nestled in the foothills of beautiful Ashland, Oregon. At Solarrolla we specialize in vehicles that are 100% electric drive. They are charged using solar panel arrays mounted to the vehicle so you always have your charging station with you. This creates a sustainable way to travel without the use fossil fuels. We are advocates for nature doing our part to mitigate Climate Change and help create a healthy planet for future generations. Whether it’s a full electrical conversion such as the VW Bus, or outfitting an existing electric vehicle with solar, our business is here to help you make a difference.

Brett Belan

Brett was born in Duluth, Minnesota. He grew up bow-hunting and fishing — and with a wrench in his hand. During his teenage years, he spent much of his time building cars and hot-rodding Camaros, Chevelles and a 1932 Chevrolet.

Brett received a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering along with a second-degree black belt from Michigan Technological University. With a stint at Ford Motor Company and some time teaching CAD at Jaguar in England, he was ready to do his own thing. He started a band and grew his hair! After that, he spent about 10 years living off-grid in California before moving to Ashland, Oregon with his wife and two children. He spent his free time building a solar-powered electric Volkswagen bus. He removed the old gas engine, installed the new electric motor, built the battery box, and solar array rack. He and his wife, Kira, custom made the pop-up tent and camper features. During Summer 2016, Brett and Kira and their two kids traveled 1,400 miles, camping along the Oregon and California coasts.

In 2018, he made his passion his job and he and Kira started their solar-vehicle company, Solarrolla Inc.

Kira Belan

Kira grew up near Monterey, California where she was home schooled and encouraged to learn hands on. She developed a love for cooking, gardening, and sewing as well as doing woodwork, building, and using power tools. At age 16 she started attending a community college and got her associate degree in Fashion Costuming. She studied Aromatherapy and worked doing hair and makeup in local theater. She attended an Aveda institute in Arizona and got her training for Cosmetology and Aesthetics and then went on to study massage. After her children were born she started a business making organic body care products called Kira Bodylove.

When she met Brett she was introduced to a whole new world of off-grid living. When they converted their VW Bus she built the kitchen, sewed the tent for the popup and put in the floor turning it into a camper and making it feel like a home. She continues to design and build the interiors for their business Solarrolla as well as doing the videography, social media and accounting.

We have two children, Lyric, 11 and Brook, 8, who love to get into nature while traveling and camping in the van.

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